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Summerhill Landscape Hydrangeas provide stunning durable, long-lasting blooms with bold green foliage. They bloom all summer long and go dormant in the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

yellow and pink summerhill hydrangea assortment in small pot

Summerhill Landscape Hydrangeas are perennials, meaning they return year after year. They are known for their easy growth, striking beauty, and long-lasting blooms that add elegance to any landscape.

These hydrangeas provide durable, long-lasting blooms throughout the summer and go dormant in the winter.

They are low maintenance and easy to care for. They prefer part shade or part sun, with morning sun being ideal. Regular watering to keep the soil moist is important, and they should be pruned and fertilized in the spring.

Pruning in spring helps maintain a nice shape and size and encourages a fuller plant. It’s an essential part of their care routine.

Yes, the color of the blooms can range from pink to blue and many shades in between. This change is based on the amount of aluminum absorbed from the soil, which is influenced by the soil pH.

These hydrangeas should be planted in shade or part sun, spaced 30-36 inches (75-90 cm) apart. They can reach a height of approximately 36 inches (90 cm).

They are hardy to zone 5, making them suitable for a variety of climates, but they should be protected or properly cared for in colder regions.

An all-purpose fertilizer is recommended in spring. If the foliage turns yellow, adding aluminum phosphate can help restore the green color.

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